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Swing Gate Force Testing

Make sure your swing gates are professionally and accurately tested!

If you own an automated (or swing) gate, you must ensure that it complies with the latest rules and regulations laid out in Automatic Gates Force Testing Health & Safety testing to BS EN 12453 Machine Directive and BS8208; EN12445 Machine Directive (Industrial, Commercial & Garage Doors and Gates). Failure to do so could put members of the public, your staff or your family at risk.

At HRD Security, we take health and safety incredibly seriously, which is why we carry out Gate Force Testing on automated and swing gates installed at homes and businesses across Kent and the Home Counties. Not only do we carry out these tests on any gates we install, we also provide an additional service as part of our ongoing maintenance package, meaning even if you didn't have your swing gates installed by us previously, we will still carry out these tests and checks if required.

Arrange for your swing or automated gates to be tested by professionals; call our experienced team today on 0845 155 0042.

What's involved?

Gate force testing should be carried out annually by experienced professionals that have been extensively trained. At HRD Security, our gate experts have decades of experience in the industry and carry out force testing of all gates, barriers and doors regularly. Each force test should take just two hours to complete; during which, we will produce a detailed test report and identify if any work needs to be undertaken to bring the swing gates up to the required HSE standards.

This test report will need to be retained as evidence for your insurers and the HSE. Alongside this, we will keep hold of these results for a minimum of 10 years.

In the rare circumstances where a gate cannot be made compliant to force testing, it can usually be made to comply with the addition of other presence detection measures and then issued with a new risk assessment. In the event that an individual has decided not to comply with the regulations, we will record that contact has been made and issue a non-compliance document, hence why we suggest that force testing is undertaken by all of our clients.

What should you do next?

If you choose not to have these tests undertaken, we would advise you to contact your insurance company to establish whether you will still be covered should an accident occur at your premises. Please note that it is your responsibility to maintain your swing gates and comply with the latest HSE regulations; if you ignore compliance and an accident occurs, you may be liable and potentially prosecuted.

Contact us today on 0845 155 0042 to arrange your gate force testing to be carried out by one of our experienced and dedicated team. We work throughout Kent, London, Essex, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire, so no matter where you are based, we will be able to help.